Xplornet LTE Internet

Plans and Pricing

Please call for current Plans and Pricing – 1-800-814-1116


Routers can also be provided at the time of setup for wireless internet.  Router pricing starts at the low range of $85, mid-range $150 and higher end at $225+.

We also provide router setup (SSID/Passwords) for $50 while on site and make sure everything is working correctly!


NOTE: Platforms and plans available at your exact location may vary based on signal quality and network conditions. Additional data options may not be available in all regions. To confirm the platforms and plans available at your exact location, please contact Skyline Micro Systems at 780-539-9677 or 800-814-1116.

1 Early termination fees apply. Activation fee is $99 on a 2 year commitment. Monthly service fee includes the rental cost of the Subscriber Module Equipment (Xplornet retains ownership of the equipment). As such, subscriber modules carry a lifetime limited warranty. If for any reason the customer cancels their service the customer is responsible for returning the equipment to Xplornet. If customer installation requirements go beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees may apply. Once you reach your monthly bandwidth threshold on the limited state plan, you will be slowed down to 150 kbps. On the chargeable plan, anything beyond 250GB on LTE-10/250GB or 500GB on LTE-25/500GB will be charged $2/GB. See participating dealer for details. Taxes apply.

2 Actual speed online may vary with your technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and other factors. For complete details of Xplornet traffic management policies please see Internet Traffic Management Policy here

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